Air whirlpool system AIC2

Standard equipment:

  • electronic steering
  • air massage
  • 18 air jets, therein :

- 10 small air jets with peripheral outflow for body and legs massage
- 8 small air jets with multipoints outflow: 6 for back massage and 2 for feet massagep

  • air pump 700 W
  • underwater Power LED lighting
  • automatic drying of air ducts and jets
  • pre-programmed massage cycle (20 min.)
  • sygnalization of system activity

Available options:

  • chromotherapy
  • disinfection
  • air heating with ozoning
  • aromatherapy

A whirlpool bath is the perfect solution for people who after a hard day dream about a pleasant bath, which allows you to relax and has a positive effect on the body. "a sound mind in a sound body" - if our body rests, our mind also rests.

List of bathtubs available with AIC2 whirlpool system