Inspirations Publish date: 25/07/2022

A bathroom for single - how to arrange it?

A bathroom for single - how to arrange it?

Being single is an asset for many, and a transition period for others. Certainly, this lifestyle has some advantages that are worth taking advantage of. One of the biggest pluses is having exclusive space. It is worth remembering about this when arranging the bathroom.

The bathroom is a unique room in the house where we spend a large part of our time. It is therefore important to ensure that the bathroom is properly equipped to make us feel comfortable in it.

When designing a space only for ourselves, we have greater possibilities, because we create it only for one person. So we can let our imagination run wild and not ask anyone's opinion on the ideas and innovations used. It is worth listening to your needs and relying on your opinion and what we like. There are a lot of products and solutions on the market that will make furnishing your bathroom even easier than before.

Arrangement of a small bathroom

A bathroom for a single is usually a small area in a block of flats. Arranging a small bathroom is quite a challenge, but nothing is impossible with our brand products. Even the smallest bathroom can be functional and aesthetic. Our experts advise on how to arrange a bathroom for a single.

Łazienka dla singla

Depending on the size of the bathroom for a single person, you can decide whether to install a bathtub or a shower cubicle. On small surfaces, the installation of a shower enclosure with a shower tray is much more often used. To save space, it is best to mount it in the corner of the room. Remember that a small bathroom must first of all be functional and comfortable. However, if we are lovers of bathing in the bathtub, and we have a small space - nothing is impossible! There are many bathtubs available on the market, in slightly smaller dimensions, thanks to which we can arrange our dream bathing space. A frequent choice is also a bathtub with a bath screen, so we can enjoy both bathing and showering. Here it is worth listening to your preferences and needs to enjoy your dream, comfortable bathroom space.

A modern shower enclosure in a small bathroom

Łazienka dla singla

The shower enclosure is perfect for busy and busy people. This is a faster bathing option and, according to many, more comfortable. There are many shower enclosure on the market in various sizes and shapes. A very interesting and increasingly fashionable solution is a walk-in shower enclosure, as well as shower enclosures with a 1.5-centimeter flat shower tray. Practical and simple bathroom solutions are the best choice for energetic people.

Umywalki nablatowe Sanplast

After choosing a bathroom bathtub or shower enclsoure, you should consider a bathroom sink. A frequently used solution is a countertop washbasin, under which cabinets are mounted and which is easy to clean. Its additional advantage is the table top, where you can put handy cosmetics.

When you live alone, you do not need too much furniture to store your belongings. In a bathroom for a single, therefore, a small, compact piece of furniture with several shelves is enough, where we want to store, among others towels, cosmetics or cleaning products. If there is a recess in the bathroom, it is worth arranging this place to store the things we need.

Another important aspect is the colors on the walls, as well as bathroom tiles, which are available in more and more different colors and shapes on the market. When choosing, it is worth following not only the prevailing trends, but also your own taste or the size of the bathroom. A lot also depends on the style in which we want to arrange the bathing space.

The bathroom for a single person is not so difficult to arrange. Bathroom equipment is a matter of taste and it will certainly be easier for one person to create it for their needs. After all - we are supposed to feel good in it!

Living alone has undoubtedly many advantages, but not everyone is a life-long choice. It is worth remaining reasonable and taking into account that another person may appear in our lives. Therefore, the bathroom space must be planned in such a way that it can be easily adapted to the needs of a larger group of residents in the future.

Inspirations Publish date: 25/07/2022