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Bathroom for two - how to create the perfect space?

Bathroom for two - how to create the perfect space?

Most of us are familiar with the situation when two people want to use one bathroom at the same time. This is usually impossible due to the lack of sufficiently large space or the need to adapt the equipment to the needs of more than one person. So how to arrange a bathroom for two people? You just need to take into account a few important aspects when decorating.

Design idea for a double bathroom

When deciding to create a bathroom for two, it is worth taking into account the lifestyle of the people using it. The issue of the morning toilet may be crucial. If household members leave home for work at the same time, a bathroom that can be used by more than one household member at the same time may prove beneficial. No more quarrels and delays. The morning can be pleasant!

  Bathroom for two - Sanplast ideas

Designing a bathroom for two is a unique opportunity to create a space that will not only be functional, but also stylish and comfortable for both users. The key element is the well-thought-out organization of space, which will enable two people to use the bathroom freely at the same time. It is worth considering double washbasins, which allow you to prepare for the day at the same time. Mirrors mounted above the washbasins can visually enlarge the space and add elegance to the interior. Another practical solution is a separate shower cabin and bathtub, which allows you to choose between a quick shower or a relaxing bath. It is also worth paying attention to proper storage - spacious cabinets, shelves and compartments will allow you to maintain order and convenient storage of cosmetics and bathing accessories. Additional elements, such as heated floors, large mirrors or intelligent lighting, can increase the comfort of use and make the bathroom a place of true relaxation and rest for two people.

Bathtub or shower? Or maybe both?

Bathing solutions for two

The choice between a bathtub and a shower depends on the individual preferences of the residents. While some people love lazing in warm water, others dream of an energetic shower. In a bathroom for two, the preferences of both parties should be taken into account. If space allows, it is most convenient to place a bathtub and a shower in the bathroom. However, if the size of the bathroom is not large enough to accommodate both, it is worth considering a larger bathtub or a large shower so that it can accommodate two people at the same time. The most comfortable option that can easily accommodate two people are walk-in cabins. Such models of shower cabins are usually large and spacious and easy to keep clean.

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A bathtub is an excellent choice for couples who value relaxing baths. Moments spent together in a comfortable, spacious bathtub can become a daily relaxing ritual.

On the other hand, a shower is a practical solution for couples leading an active lifestyle. Modern shower cabins equipped with rain showers can provide a quick and effective bath. A shower takes up less space than a bathtub, which is especially important in smaller bathrooms. Additionally, it is more economical in terms of water consumption, which is important for both the household budget and the environment.

Free Line bathtub with Free Line bathtub shower screen - a combination of a bathtub and a shower

The perfect solution for two may be a compromise in the form of a bathtub with a bathtub cabin. This hybrid solution allows you to enjoy the advantages of both options, offering the possibility of a relaxing bath and a quick shower in one. Free Line rectangular bathtubs with a Free Line or Prestige bathtub cabin look great. In larger bathrooms, you can consider installing both a bathtub and a separate shower cabin, which will provide maximum flexibility and convenience of use. Regardless of the choice, it is important that the solution is tailored to the lifestyle and preferences of both people, creating a space that will meet all needs.

Two washbasins!

Two washbasins in the bathroom for two

If the space allows for the use of two washbasins, this idea may turn out to be a hit! Thanks to this solution, we will create two separate spaces in the bathroom - for her and for him. We can try to use two countertop washbasins mounted on one long countertop. Two washbasins with space in the form of a countertop are definitely a functional solution that creates additional space for storing the most frequently used cosmetics and items such as shavers or toothbrushes.

In a bathroom for two, two washbasins are a solution that significantly increases the comfort of everyday use. Thanks to two washbasins, both partners can use the bathroom at the same time, which eliminates morning and evening queues and saves valuable time. This is especially important for couples who have a similar daily schedule. Double washbasins also provide more space for personal accessories, cosmetics and toiletries, which helps keep the bathroom tidy and organized.

When choosing double washbasins, it is worth paying attention to several aspects. First of all, washbasins should be adapted to the style and size of the bathroom. Countertop washbasins with simple, geometric shapes are perfect for modern interiors, while in more classic arrangements you can choose washbasins recessed into the countertop or elegant washbasins standing on legs.

By choosing two washbasins, we create a bathroom that is not only beautiful, but above all functional and tailored to the needs of both users. Thanks to this, every morning and evening becomes less stressful and more comfortable, which translates into a better mood and greater harmony in everyday life.

Sanplast offers two designs:

  • Free Mineral
  • Space Mineral

  An idea for a mirror, lighting and cabinets in a double bathroom


In a bathroom for two, a mirror has not only a practical function, but also a decorative one. A large, double mirror above the washbasins is a perfect solution that visually enlarges the space and adds depth to the interior. For even greater comfort, it is worth installing mirrors with built-in LED lighting, which ensures even facial illumination, ideal for daily care treatments. Such lighting is energy-saving and can be equipped with an intensity adjustment function, which allows you to adapt it to different needs and moods.


Lighting in the bathroom should be carefully planned. In addition to mirror lighting, it is important to install general ceiling lighting that will evenly illuminate the entire room. Additional spotlights, such as wall lamps next to the mirror or lighting under the cabinets, can be both practical and decorative, creating a pleasant atmosphere and emphasizing selected elements of the arrangement.


Storage space is crucial in every bathroom, especially in a bathroom for two, where the needs are double. Cabinets under washbasins, equipped with spacious drawers and shelves, are an ideal solution for storing cosmetics, cleaning products and towels. Hanging cabinets or shelves above sinks can further increase storage space while maintaining easy access to frequently used items.

Storage organization should be well thought out so that everyone has their own place for personal belongings. Baskets, containers and organizers inside the cabinets will help you keep things tidy and make everyday use of the bathroom easier. Another practical solution are built-in cosmetics recesses in the shower cabin or next to the bathtub, which provide additional space for shampoos, gels and other bathing accessories.

Bathroom for two – arrangements and inspirations

Creating a bathroom for two is a unique opportunity to combine functionality with aesthetics, creating a space that meets the needs of both users. By choosing the right arrangement, you can achieve an interior that is both comfortable and stylish. From modern, minimalist designs to classic and elegant solutions - the possibilities are almost endless. We present some inspiring arrangements that will help you create the perfect bathroom for two, adapted to different tastes and lifestyles.

A bathroom for couples with a trapezoidal bathtub 

Free Line trapezoidal bathtub as an element of a double bathroom

In this romantic and functional bathroom for two, the central element is the unique Free Line trapezoidal bathtub, which is a center of relaxation and relaxation. Placed in the corner of the bathroom, this bathtub impresses with its unusual shape and elegant finish. Its asymmetrical form provides enough space for two people, allowing for moments of relaxation and romantic baths together. There is a decorative wall above the trapezoidal bathtub, the pattern and colors of which relax and encourage long baths. A large mirror that visually enlarges the space and adds lightness to the interior. Ceiling spotlights add a cozy glow to the interior and emphasize its elegance. Light, matte floor tiles go perfectly with dark wall tiles, creating an elegant and pleasant atmosphere. Additional accents in the form of potted plants add coziness and character to the interior. This bathroom for couples is the perfect place to relax and unwind together, ensuring comfort and convenience for both users.

A shower enclosure in the bathroom for a couple

SummerSet shower shower enclosure in the bathroom for two

In this modern and practical bathroom for two, the main role is played by a spacious shower cabin, which is the central point of the room. The SummerSet series shower cabin offers comfortable and quick cleaning, perfect for a couple's dynamic lifestyle. The shower enclosure is placed in the corner of the bathroom, which optimizes the use of space and allows you to move freely around the room. The glass walls of the shower enclosure add spaciousness and lightness to the interior, while protecting the rest of the bathroom against moisture and splashing water. Inside the shower enclosure there is a shower with a thermostat that ensures constant water temperature and protects against scalding, which is especially important when two people use the shower at the same time. Next to the shower enclosure there are two countertop washbasins, which allows a couple to use the bathroom at the same time. There is a large, illuminated mirror mounted above the washbasins, which facilitates daily care and adds brightness and optical surface to the space. In a couple's bathroom with a shower, great attention is also paid to functional storage. Cabinets under the washbasins provide adequate space for storing cosmetics, towels and other accessories. Thanks to this, the bathroom remains neat and organized, which affects the comfort of use. The colors of the bathroom are in subdued, elegant tones, which gives the interior a modern character. Light, matte tiles on the walls and floor contrast with the shade of the furniture, creating a harmonious and calm atmosphere. This bathroom for a couple with a shower cabin is an ideal place to relax and spend pleasant time together, meeting the expectations and needs of both users.

It should be remembered that although a bathroom for two involves creating two separate spaces, it should contain elements that will unite the entire arrangement into one harmonious whole. Perhaps the solution will be photos together, or a theme that is important to both of you. It is important to create a room that will promote relaxation and provide full pleasure in itself!


Knowledge base Publish date: 05/06/2024