Bathtub is always good choice!

Knowledge base Publish date: 14/07/2020

Bathtub is always good choice!

Bathtub is always good choice!

When arranging a bathroom, one of the most important issues is the choice between a bathtub, a shower enclosure, or the placement of both. When deciding on a bathtub, you should remember a few important things in order to benefit from all the benefits of bathing. In addition, you need to ensure that the entire bathroom space is well arranged, and the bathtub itself complements the interior, complementing it and decorating it. SANPLAST SA advises you on how to choose the right model!

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We should start choosing a bathtub primarily by determining its dimensions and shape, because they are closely related to the space we have. 

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Basic steps before choosing the right bathtub

1. The shape of the bathtub.

Manufacturers offer bathtubs in many different sizes. All with the fact that the final shape is influenced by the size of the surface in which it will be installed. Rectangular and asymmetrical bathtubs are the best solution for small rooms. Medium-sized bathrooms will accommodate trapezoidal and symmetrical bathtubs. Freestanding oval bathtubs can be proposed for bathing salons. When making the final decision, you should bear in mind both your preferences and the spatial possibilities at your disposal.

 2. Material of execution.

On the market, we can find bathtubs made of sanitary acrylic (the most popular), steel, cast iron and materials casts based on natural aggregates combined with resin, the so-called conglomerates - mineral casts. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, for example acrylic bathtubs are light and warm to the touch, while cast iron ones is solid and therefore heavier. In turn, bathtubs made of mineral casts are in the highest price range. When choosing a material, the category of the ease of product regeneration may be helpful. Acrylic and mineral cast can be regenerated in a fairly simple and, above all, home-made way. Not only scratches and dulling, but even slight losses. These activities are impossible in the case of steel or cast iron bathtubs.


3.  Fittings.

On the rim of the bathtub (depending on the model), if the rim width allows it, you can install a tap. What you should pay attention to is from which side and how it can be placed. Perhaps it would be worth choosing the same way of mounting as for the washbasin for consistency.

4. Bathtub aprons.

Tiles, mosaics, wood or maybe a system enclosure offered by the manufacturer? The last one proposal can be the best, because it is made of the same material and the same color as the offered bathtub. Its smooth surface with a minimum number of joints makes it easy to keep clean. Another advantage is the speed of possible disassembly in the event of service activities. Deciding to butli-in the bathtub with tiles creates unlimited color possibilities. Then the bathtub gives the impression that it is "blended in" with the arrangement of tiles. Such a casing can be made almost flush with the bathtub rim. The rim may be only 10 mm high in some models, so it is worth taking care of the possibility of disassembling the panel in the event of a failure, so that the bathtub can serve us for years.

Knowledge base Publish date: 14/07/2020