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Bathtub or shower - what should be chosen?

Bathtub or shower - what should be chosen?

Bathtub or shower encloscure? We face this dilemma when arranging a bathroom. When arranging or renovating a bathing room, we often face this question. Ideally, if we have space for both a shower cabin and a bathtub, however, this situation is unfortunately still rare. Owners of small spaces must analyze which of the solutions are the most appropriate for all household members. After all, it is a choice for several years.

Bathtub or shower enclosure?

What is better, more hygienic, economical - a bathtub or a shower enclosure? In modern housing realities, we are usually forced to choose between one or the other solution. Small bathrooms do not allow the installation of both sanitary devices at the same time, while both the shower enclosure and the bathtub have their supporters and have undoubted advantages. It is hard to give up your own comfort - but when choosing bathroom equipment, it is worth taking into account not only convenience and personal preferences. Taking into account the above statement, it is impossible to estimate and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions. This dilemma cannot be resolved without analyzing it based on user preferences.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bathtub

The bathtub is a perfect place for anyone who is looking for a moment of relaxation after a hard day. The body and muscles immersed in hot water regenerate quickly, bringing the desired peace and relaxation. Thanks to a well-chosen bathtub, we are able to create a home SPA even in a small bathroom. The bathtub also becomes a decoration of the bathroom and attracts attention as its central point.

A comfortable bathing in a rectangular Sanplast bathtub

Choosing a bathtub is not an easy task, because the market offer is very wide. The purchase of a particular model is worth considering carefully, the comfort of the household members as well as the spaciousness of the entire bathroom depends on it. It should also be remembered that this is an investment for many years. It is worth investing in a solution that meets expectations, be practical, very comfortable and make the bathing a real relaxation.

Advantages of bathing in a bathtub:

  • Cleanses the skin,
  • It relaxes the muscles,
  • Stimulates your metabolism,
  • Improves blood circulation,
  • Dilates blood vessels,
  • Helps with high blood pressure: thanks to the pleasant temperature and fluctuating pressure of the water, regular deep baths can lower blood pressure over time,
  • Calms the nervous system,
  • Especially in combination with essential oils, it soothes the symptoms of colds or chronic diseases such as rheumatism,
  • Regular relaxation in the bath gives us more energy.

The disadvantage of this solution may be increased water consumption, which may be important for people who pay special attention to the aspect of environmental protection. The other side of using more water is economics. Bathing is more expensive than the showering.

Advantages and disadvantages of the shower enclosure

Showering - shower enclosure in the bathroom

We associate the showering with a faster pace of life and effective regeneration of the body. It has its supporters among people who value their time. The shower is a quick, economical and convenient option, and its popularity is also related to the pace of modern life and devoting less time to hygiene procedures. A shower cabin is perfect for a small bathroom. What is more, a shower cabin with a deep shower tray can also be used as a place for washing and bathing small children. This commonly used solution also has economic reasons. Less water consumption means less bills. Taking a 5-minute shower instead of a long bath saves up to 200 liters of water.

If we decide to replace the bathtub with a shower enclosure, it can be quite expensive. Considering the easier access to the shower space for the elderly, for many of us the shower cabin becomes the final solution. What is more, shower trays with properly selected surfaces are characterized by the highest anti-slip classes, which is also worth emphasizing.

Benefits of taking a shower:

  • You can feel the hot water or warm steam release muscle tension,
  • A shower puts less strain on the circulation than a bath,
  • Changing from hot to cold water during the shower strengthens the immune system and the skin becomes tighter,
  • You feel fresh and refreshed,
  • The moist heat relaxes muscles and relieves spasms, softens the skin, and the heat opens pores.
  • Stimulates metabolism and circulation,
  • Delicate steam rising from the shower soothes the symptoms of colds, hoarseness and inflammation of the nasal cavity and frontal sinuses.

Bathtub or shower – what should be considered?

Bathtub or shower - what to choose?

Regardless of the final choice, it is worth taking a closer look at these products and choosing the model that is right for you. Currently, on the market we can find high-end bathtubs in many shapes and sizes. Many manufacturers, including us, offer products adapted to the needs of the available space. Additional walls make it possible to expand the shower enclosure or niche, and custom-made cabins and comfortable corner bathtubs with the option of left or right placement, fit even in a non-standard bathroom. The range of bathing products on the market is extremely rich, which allows us to have an unlimited choice. Thanks to this, we can arrange your bathroom in an original way.

The size of the bathroom determines the choice of sanitary equipment. This issue is so obvious that in some cases the choice of a shower is the only solution. If you intend to fit a modern washing machine, a comfortable sink and a basket for dirty clothes in the bathroom - and you have less than four square meters at your disposal - it is better to give up the bathtub - even if so far it took up half of the room. The comfort you can feel thanks to the extra space, surely makes up for the lack of long hot baths.

Bathtub or shower enclosure - which solution fits to your bathroom?

Bathtub or shower for a small bathroom?

The purchase of a bathtub or shower enclosure should be thought through. The solution that best meets the expectations of all users and fits in the bathroom space, ensuring the appropriate functionality of the entire room should be good option. If you are wondering: "when to choose a shower and when to choose a bathtub", think for a moment about which version of the bathing way is more suitable for you.

Bathtub or shower enclosure – saving the time

The comfort of using a bathtub or shower is an important issue for each of us. We live in constant rush. Many of us "suffer from a lack of time". When choosing a bathtub or shower enclosure, it is worth considering this aspect. Taking a shower is a time saver. The bath itself takes less time, but keeping the shower cabin clean requires much less work than cleaning the bathtub. A bathtub bathing is a celebration of the moment and a well-deserved rest. Such a pleasant home spa treatment takes us several or even several dozen minutes.

Bathtub or shower enclosure - Hygiene and health

Exactly! Are either of the two popular bathroom solutions more hygienic or healthier? In fact, there is no one right answer. It all depends on our bathing preferences. Both the bathtub and the shower have undoubted advantages and both devices can be used to improve well-being, appearance and health. In the case of a bathtub, long relaxing baths with essential oils allow you to take care of the state of mind and body. They relax the muscles, let you forget about the problems of the passing day. However, it should be remembered that too hot baths repeated regularly are not healthy for our circulation and can harm people with hypertension, and women can cause problems with bursting capillaries or cellulite.

Quick refreshing showering stimulate circulation and have an excellent effect on the functioning of the entire body. They are especially beneficial in the morning, when we want to wake up effectively and feel energized to act. It is very healthy to alternately pour cool and hot water on the skin. Such a treatment, performed regularly, firms the skin, improves blood flow and supports the work of the lymphatic system, and also helps to reduce cellulitis.

Both solutions, the bathtub and the shower enclosure, are of course equally hygienic - while maintaining the basic rules. The bathtub may require a little less effort from us to keep it clean, but also keeping the cabin in good condition should not cause any special problems. It is important to wipe steamy shower windows immediately after taking a bath and not to leave them closed so that moisture does not accumulate on them.

Bathtub or shower enclosure - space and design

What about aesthetics? In small bathrooms, a minimalist shower enclosure looks much better than a massive bathtub. If you want to visually enlarge the space, the best choice is a walk-in shower. You can gain the effect of additional space. This kind of simple bathroom constructions combine functionality and comfort with perfect modern design. At the same time, keeping the bathroom clean is extremely easy in this case.

Bathtub or shower enclosure - water consumption

Bathtub or shower - water consumption

The most contentious issue is water consumption when using the bathtub and shower. It is said that the latter solution is much more economical - and this is true, but only if we take daily baths in a bathtub with running water into account.

A 5-minute shower uses about 40-60 liters of water. How much water we use in the shower cabin largely depends on the battery that we have installed in the shower zone. Standard water consumption in front of the shower head is about 5-9 liters per minute. A rain shower generates more water consumption. The longer the shower bath will be, the more water we will use and it depends only on us when we turn off the tap.

On the other hand, having a bathtub no longer forces us to pour hectoliters of water. Currently, we have solutions that allow bathing in a standing position - just like in the shower. In addition, you can choose a bathtub that has a smaller capacity. The most popular rectangular bathtubs 70x140cm have a capacity of approx. 130-150l, depending on their depth.

Water is one of the main resources without which it is difficult to imagine our everyday life. We use huge amounts of water every year and every saving has a positive impact on the environment. Taking care of natural resources is everyone's responsibility. Taking a bath, whether in the shower or in the bathtub, is water consumption, but it is up to us how much we use. It is obvious that we use much less water when taking a shower, but we can also use less water in the bathtub. Just pour less water into the bath, and fill the full tub when you want to treat yourself to a home spa.

Shower enclosure and their types

Sanplast shower enclosures - wide offer

When choosing a bathtub or shower, it is worth getting acquainted with the offer of both options. If we decide on a shower enclosure, we have many types, shapes, dimensions, colors of finishes, and versions of glass finishes available. Matching the perfect cabin to the bathroom makes the use of the shower a real pleasure, and the shower zone is functional and practical. The offer of our brand's shower cabins is extremely wide and includes:

  • Walk-In cabins,
  • Rectangular shower enclosures,
  • Quadrand shower enclosures,
  • Pentagonal shower enclosures,
  • Complete shower cabins,
  • Wing shower door,
  • Sliding shower door,
  • Bi-fold shower door,
  • Salloon shower door.

The offer prepared in this way ensures the selection of a shower enclosure for every bathroom.

Bathtubs and their types 

Sanplast bathtubs - many shapes

Bathtub offers are diverse in terms of shapes, colors, dimensions, depth and design. There are more modern designs, as well as classic ones - which work well in bathrooms with more standard arrangements. What is more - we can choose from bathtubs made of sanitary acrylic and mineral castings. Trends change, and the bathtub can be chosen in such a way that it fits into almost every trend. The basic division of bathtubs are shapes, and here we propose:

  • Rectangular bathtubs,
  • Symmetrical bathtubs,
  • Asymmetric bathtubs,
  • Oval bathtubs, including free-standing bathtubs,
  • Trapezoidal bathtubs,
  • Hexagonal bathtubs.

Our offer guarantees fitting the bathtub to both larger bathing rooms and small bathrooms. Even the smallest bathroom can be very functional when equipped with the right products.

2in1 – a combination of a bathtub and a shower enclosure  

Bathtub with showering area - two bathing functionalities in one

It would be ideal, therefore, to opt for a shower and a bathtub at the same time, but not all rooms offer this option. In such a situation, you can use solutions that partially combine the functions of a bathtub and a shower. In the event that a bathtub can fit in the bathroom, and there are supporters of taking showers among the household members, the best solution is to install a shower set in the bathtub and cover it in an appropriate way - with an interesting shower curtain or an aesthetic bathtub screen. By installing a bathtub with a shower screen, we make the bathroom look modern, and the screen protects the walls and floor from the water from the shower area. Such screens allow you to take full advantage of the advantages of a shower while using the bathtub in a traditional way. A bathtub screen is a perfect solution with many advantages. It is worth choosing them especially when we have to choose between a bathtub and a shower cabin. Thanks to the modern and functional proposals available on the market, you do not have to give up anything, even if you have a really small bathroom. With such a product, you can combine the functions of a shower and a bathtub. A bathtub with a shower is a compromise that can solve the problem of many bathrooms.

Wanna czy kabina prysznicowa - co wybrać?

With a large selection of modern sanitary products, both the choice of a shower and a bathtub will undoubtedly turn out to be good. You can take advantage of the many amenities available to choose a bathing system that will guarantee you hygiene, relaxation and water saving. A shower cabin or bathtub is the basic bathroom equipment and whichever version we choose, we should be satisfied with it. Each of these options - a bathtub or a shower cabin - has its admirers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the products available in our offer and choose the solution that will work best in your bathroom!

Inspirations Publish date: 05/04/2023