Complete bathtub solutions - bathtub with apron

Inspirations Publish date: 26/05/2022

Complete bathtub solutions - bathtub with apron

Complete bathtub solutions - bathtub with apron

The devil is in the details. Before you decide on the most popular solutions in arranging a bathroom, think about all the available options. The bathtub can be built in not only with tiles. In many cases, a bathtub with an apron turns out to be a much more practical option - learn about its unquestionable advantages.

A bathtub with a ready-made housing - the charm of practical simplicity

Regardless of the shape of the bathtub (excluding free-standing models), if it is adjacent to the wall, it should be built over. There are two possibilities - tiles or a ready-made bathtub apron. Although the bathtub built-in tiles - such as on the walls or a mosaic of a different color - is the most frequently chosen, durable and aesthetic solution, the second option is worth considering. Complete bathtub solutions in the form of a ready-made aprons have many practical advantages. They are visually attractive (not only for lovers of modern minimalism) and easy to clean, and properly installed, they will serve us for years.

Not only the price - why should you consider choosing a bathtub with an apron?

The price is often mentioned in the first place - usually much lower than tiles. In addition, we can install such a apron or bathtub with apron ourselves, which significantly reduces costs. Enclosing a bathtub with glaze requires specific skills, is time-consuming (especially in the case of a bathtub with a rounded wall) and usually entrusted to a specialist. However, an arranged bathroom is to serve us for many years - if only for this reason, the price should not be the only argument in the optimal selection of solutions. The advantages of complete bathtub solutions are definitely more - these are ready-made product solutions with impeccable design, compatible with any bathroom. In addition, unlike bathtubs built with, for example, glazed tiles, we can take them with us to a new apartment or house, gaining fittings for years that  respond to our needs at various stages of life. In this way, we can avoid the process of building a bathtub in a new bathroom.

Are you looking for a high-quality complete bathtub? Rectangular and asymmetrical bathtubs from the Free Line series, which have dedicated Free Line bathtub aprons. The combination of the bathtub with the front and side apron creates a harmonious, solid and designer whole, but kept in a classic convention. The bathtub aprons have a subtle and universal design, which is why they match any style of bathroom arrangement. In addition, the use of the bathtub apron allows easy access to the space under the bathtub - you  appreciate it especially during… potential failures.

Panta rhei - let everything flow smoothly, i.e. easy access to the installation

A bathtub with a ready-made apron definitely facilitates access to the siphon and other elements of the hydraulic system. It is of great importance in the event of failure of any element located under the bathtub and determining the efficient flow of water. To easily fix the fault, it is enough to remove the apron for a moment, and after a successful intervention, put it back on, which takes only a moment. The repair of the installation through the inspection hole in the bathtub covered with tiles is more difficult, and sometimes it is even necessary to chaff off the tiles.

If you have a whirlpool bathtub, even minor failures can happen to you relatively often. Then the ready apron, so easy to disassemble and reassemble, turns out to be a salutary bull's eye!

Complete bathtub solutions - create space according to yourself

The possibility of quick and easy assembly is an unquestionable advantage of the ready-made bathtub apron, which brings many benefits, not only of a technical nature. If you are one of the people who often need changes in the environment, the choice of a ready-made bathtub apron will be even more beneficial for you. Changing the bathroom design, for obvious reasons, is usually not a frequent one. Introducing color accents by changing towels and other accessories sometimes does not bring enough results. The bathtub apron is such an important visual element that it can significantly change the appearance of the bathroom. And the selection of available models and variants (including color variants) may surprise you.

Inspirations Publish date: 26/05/2022

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