Freestanding bathtub - a stylish solution that changes the bathroom into a bathing salon

Inspirations Publish date: 22/07/2019

Freestanding bathtub - a stylish solution that changes the bathroom into a bathing salon

Freestanding bathtub - a stylish solution that changes the bathroom into a bathing salon

Freestanding bathtub adds chic and elegance to the bathroom, turning it into a space of relaxation and escape from everyday life. Freestanding bathtubs return to favour, becoming a perfect solution for all who wants to make this element the main dominant of the bathroom.

The main advantage of freestanding bathtubs is their eye-catching appearance - depending on the needs and model they fit both in retro and vintage interiors as well as modern, minimal spaces. Freestanding bathtub stands out in the room, attracting the eye from the entrance. This is the element that makes the standard bathroom turn into a luxurious bathing salon.

Full of elegance

Bathing in a beautiful bathtub is a double pleasure. If only the bathing room is large enough, it will not be as easy to use art as a free-standing bathtub.

Pay attention to the material

Sanplast S.A. offer includes freestanding bathtubs, which can make bathing relaxation even more pleasant. The profiled shape of the bathtub, its optimized dimensions or the use of high-quality materials for production – all these ensures 100% comfort. Sanitary acrylic used in Sanplast bathtubs production has anti-slip properties that guarantee safety of use. Products made of this material are characterized by an extremely smooth surface, which makes cleaning them extremely easy. What is more, it keeps warm, which means that even during long baths, the optimum water temperature is maintained.

Bathtubs are produced in various shapes - from oval, through rectangular, to atypical and asymmetrical. The only limitation that decides about the installation of such a bathtub is the size of the bathroom.

Bathroom should be larger than in the case of the traditional bathtubs. The most important is the access to the freestanding bathtub. The best way is to guarantee it from all sides.

Arrange the space

The fact that the freestanding bathtub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, influences its reception and exposes the bathing area accordingly. This type of bathtub, however, can also be placed next to the wall - just like traditional bathtubs. Due to its appearance and character, it looks more stylish than a built-in bathtub and makes the whole room lighter.

Bathing in freestanding bathtub is a ritual that makes us feel special. Just half an hour for yourself, aromatic additives like essential oils, bath liquids and salts to soak in a bathtub filled with warm water, relax and improve your well-being. In a beautifully decorated bathroom, in which the bathtub occupies an honorary place and invites you to relax, it is a pure pleasure that cannot be denied.



Inspirations Publish date: 22/07/2019

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