How to arrange a large bathroom?

Inspirations Publish date: 22/06/2022

How to arrange a large bathroom?

How to arrange a large bathroom?

Interior design issues that are often taken up are interior design solutions for small (or even micro) bathroom spaces. Of course - a small area can be a source of many dilemmas. It turns out, however, that the arrangement of a large, functional and at the same time stunning aesthetics bathroom is also not easy. With a lot of space at your disposal, it's easy to just… overdo it. How to avoid arrangement errors and enjoy a perfectly arranged large bathroom?

Large bathroom - a multifunctional place. From the sanitary room to the bathing lounge

Aranżacja dużej łazienki

A large bathroom leaves many arrangement possibilities - it is both a great advantage and a challenge at the same time. If we want to create a space that combines many functions, such as a bathing salon, home SPA, comfortable and intimate sanitary part, and even a laundry room, we should start planning with the method of separating the zones. There are many options - from subtly accentuating the space with tiles in a different tone, but still in a consistent color, to building partition walls, introducing glass screens or wooden partitions.

The unquestionable advantage of a large bathroom is that we can simultaneously introduce:

  • practical shower area with convenient dimensions;
  • a comfortable bathtub, for example placed in the middle, a phenomenal free-standing bathtub or a corner bathtub with whirlpool system;
  • practical countertop with two sinks (preferably with effective, simple shapes);
  • a useful bidet;
  • a toilet bowl;
  • rich furniture, which allows easy storage of towels, chemicals, or installation of a washing machine and dryer.

How we separate the space depends entirely on our personal preferences and taste. After all, the bathroom should meet the expectations and needs of its main users.

Moderation and harmony - the key to arranging success

Aranżacja z kabiną Walk-In

The comfort of using a large bathroom and its aesthetics depend on the clear layout of the room. The order in a large size of space will make it functional, visually attractive and facilitate everyday use. However, the mere arrangement of individual elements is not enough to achieve a satisfactory effect. A large bathroom, in order to look dazzling and enjoy its owners for many years, should represent the highest level of aesthetic consistency.

Below are some tips and inspiration for arranging a large bathroom:

  • colors - although a large bathroom allows for the introduction of dark colors, it is worth being careful not to overwhelm it too much. The combination of dark accents (e.g. one wall and black accessories) with the dominant light palette of the whole should look noble and elegant;
  • textures, structures, patterns - although we offer subdued color solutions, we encourage you to play with textures and, for example, with different tile surfaces - gloss, mat, structural patterns on tiles of one color, constitute an intriguing and elegant element of decoration, determining the amazingly expressive visual effects of the room;
  • wood, glass, concrete - for many years these materials have been frequently selected and combined by architects and interior designers;
  • lighting - remember that light creates an atmosphere and determines the successful arrangement of any interior. Natural or artificial - use light to create an ideal space for relaxation.

By maintaining moderation in the selection of decorative elements, we will avoid the impression of chaos and tiring splendor. It should be remembered that consistency does not mean boredom in the arrangement - on the contrary - it allows you to bring out the charm of a large bathroom and enjoy the beauty of the interior every day.

Inspirations Publish date: 22/06/2022