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How to arrange a spa-style bathroom?

How to arrange a spa-style bathroom?

A SPA bathroom is a dream for many of us. Recent events in the world have changed the way we perceive what surrounds us every day. It was a surprise for everyone that it is our own bathroom that helps us break away from the duties of everyday life and brings us so much solace! That is why it is worth investing in solutions that will make the bathroom a home SPA salon. And how to do it? Read our proposal!

Home SPA in the bathroom - why is it worth it?

When it's time to relax after a long day, we should make the most of it. Let's think first about all the elements that should be met in order to achieve this desired goal. First of all, the most important thing is the place, i.e. our bathroom. It is there that it is worth creating a spa zone. Preferably with a bathtub, around which you can create a magical atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Relax in home spa with Loft Line series

Home baths can be relaxing or health-promoting, relaxing and calming down after a day full of work. It is not only a daily hygiene treatment, but also a way to turn your bathtub into a home SPA center. This is an excellent element in the fight to get back in shape, as well as a reliable recipe for spending a few moments with yourself.

There is no need to convince anyone about the unique aromatic properties of the bath. Often, such moments of relaxation can do more for your well-being and beauty than top-shelf cosmetics. During a warm bath, toxins and metabolic waste are excreted through the open pores in the skin. Oxygen molecules enter the body, firming the skin and oxygenating the bloodstream, eliminating oxygen deficits.

  The SPA zone at home is the best idea for everyday rest

However, you do not have to leave the house to take advantage of the benefits of bathing and feel the atmosphere of the spa. All you need is a comfortable bathtub, a few scented candles, sensual cosmetics and atmospheric music to enjoy a relaxing ritual in your own bathroom. A bathing in a bathtub is a great way to deal with all the worries of the day, as well as to celebrate special moments. A properly prepared relaxing bathing contributes to improving your well-being and allows you to take a deep breath. In addition, it may have health effects. It improves blood circulation, helps to relax muscles, eliminates the amount of toxins in the skin, and also supports the functioning of the lymphatic system. By adding preparations of natural origin to a bathtub full of water, we enrich our relaxation with a positive effect on our skin. The bathtub gives us the opportunity to create a peaceful atmosphere, because while preparing the bathing, candles can be lighted, calming music can be turn on, aromatic oils can be used and you close your eyes for a moment or read favorite magazine. And this is the easiest way to create a small bathroom spa in the privacy of your home.

Every supporter of long baths in the bathtub should remember that our skin naturally likes water, but during long baths it gets very ... dry. To keep the skin properly hydrated after bathing, we should embalm the whole body with a moisturizing emulsion. A summer bath, with a temperature of 25-35 degrees, is the most universal. Its benefits can be enjoyed by everyone, from a small child to the elderly. It relaxes the muscles, relaxes and prepares the body for rest. The temperature of the water should not exceed 38 degrees C. The bath in the bathtub should not last longer than 30 minutes. This is the perfect time recommended by specialists. To complete the pure pleasure of bathing, you can use essential oils, bubble baths or salts.

How to arrange a spa-style bathroom?

A home SPA can be arranged in virtually every bathroom. It all depends on our needs and preferences. Owners of spacious bathing salons can afford to install a free-standing bathtub.

The basis of the SPA&Wellness philosophy is to improve the well-being and condition of the whole body. The metamorphosis of our bathroom into a mini SPA can start with creating the right atmosphere in it. The calm style is fashionable. The interiors should be kept in ecological, subdued colors that relax and soothe our senses. When arranging your private SPA zone, you can use one of the many variants of bathtubs available in our offer. For even greater relaxation, you can equip the bathtub with a gel headrest, which will make the moments spent in the bathtub more enjoyable.

  Luxo oval freestanding bathtub for a SPA-style bathroom

One of the basic elements of equipment is a bathtub, designed for relaxing baths. Freestanding bathtubs are becoming more and more popular. The current fashion favors open spaces, where the bathing room is an integral part of the living room and bedroom. Freestanding bathtubs are a central decoration in such a room, giving it an original character. They are often associated with luxury and give the bathroom a unique atmosphere. In this type of bathtub, we are more likely to take a bath, enjoying its beneficial effect on our body. Available free-standing models of our brand certainly let you relax after a tiring day. Oval bathtubs are timeless products. Their streamlined shapes enrich the interior of any bathroom, adding a unique charm and style. Supporters of this form can choose from several series of products. The Luxo WOW-kpl-mb/Luxo-se bathtub is aimed at lovers of an elegant form. Its subtle curves and precisely outlined arc line emphasize the elegant design. For people who like more decisive shapes, the oval Loft Line bathtub - WOW-kpl-rm / LOFT is intended. A completely different design of freestanding bathtubs is presented by those made of mineral cast. Fuerta Mineral is more than just a bathtub. It is a work of art that decorates any bathroom, especially the one rated as an exclusive spa. Its wonderful design, delicate shapes and subtly outlined rims give the bathtub an extraordinary character. The products of this line are available in white or matt white, which gives new arrangement possibilities. The mineral cast alternative to Fuerta Mineral is Natur Mineral. A bathroom like a spa is the perfect place for this bathtub. Its unobtrusive, unique design makes it the pride of every bathing room. The simplicity of the oval form and thin walls give the effect of lightness, which is why even the largest bathtub format will not overwhelm the room. The cup-like opening upwards, thanks to well-chosen curves, is slender and modern.

  SPA bathroom with Sanplast trapezoidal or hexagonal bathtub

Enthusiasts of modern forms and solutions will surely be charmed by the trapezoidal or hexagonal bathtubs of the Space Line, Luxo or Free Line series. Their optimal depth and angle of inclination of the backrest guarantee comfort, convenience and relaxation. The unusual shape and spacious dimensions offer enough space for a bath for two people.

All presented bathtubs are a perfect combination of quality and durability, with simplicity and careful design.

SPA-style bathroom colors

Bright colors and references to nature will create a SPA-style bathroom

The SPA style for the bathroom is also the right color scheme. Shades that we associate with the SPA philosophy are whites, beiges, pastels, grays. Matching colors are also warm tones of wood and green, referring to what dominates in the natural environment. The structure and tones of concrete are also frequently appearing colors in the style of a modern SPA. The color palette that is perfect for a SPA bathroom should not be dark and dominant, but most importantly, it should match our preferences, because SPA is a place where we feel best.

Finishing materials for a SPA-style bathroom

Finishing materials for a SPA-style bathroom

When equipping a spa-style bathing salon, use materials of natural origin. Then we will get a place that will allow us to establish at least a little contact with nature. Tiles imitating stone or wood, elements made of exotic wood and glass, which is becoming more and more popular in this style, are the materials that are worth focusing on when arranging a bathroom in a spa atmosphere. All of them will make the interior cozy, clean and interesting, at the same time encouraging to rest.

SPA-style bathroom with mood lighting

SPA-style bathroom lighting

Mood lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Properly selected, it can work real miracles. The home SPA should be well illuminated with a source that will emit variable intensity. Halogens in the ceiling, illuminated mirrors, shelves with LED or RGB strips are good ideas for lighting the home spa zone, what's more, when used together, they complement each other perfectly. Stretch ceilings, which enable a unique play of light, are an increasingly used solution. Such ceilings can be printed with selected graphics that will put us in a positive mood. In addition, it is worth using candles, the glow of which will warm the interior, while adding a romantic atmosphere.

SPA bathroom - furniture and accessories

Spa-style bathroom accessories and furniture with Sanplast products

A bathroom is not only a bathtub, a shower enclosure or a washbasin - it is also furniture and accessories that complement the basic equipment of the bathing space. In a spa-style bathroom, we limit the number of additions and accessories so that they do not overwhelm the interior. Furniture in the spa-style bathroom - all cabinets and chests of drawers - referring to modern and minimalist design - should provide the right amount of storage space. It is worth remembering about a chair, stool or even an armchair or bench where you can sit and relax before taking a bath or a home wellness treatment. Let's not forget about green plants, which not only give cosiness but also bring rest to tired eyes. Natural materials, which we mentioned earlier, should complement the bathroom furnishings. Cotton towels and bathrobes, wooden, glass or stone accessories for soap, toothbrushes, or containers for shower gel and bath liquid are complementary elements that will harmonize the entire interior.

Invest in complete products

Invest in complete products for the SPA bathroom

A beautiful bathtub that perfectly fills our bathing room is a perfect solution. Choosing a bathtub that meets all the criteria is a real feat and a great distinction. However, it is worth buying it very well thought out, because it depends on whether the product serves us for many years. Let us remember that the choice of a bathtub is not only about whether it will be free-standing, rectangular or corner, but above all about the material from which it is made.

For some time now, in addition to acrylic bathtubs, mineral cast bathtubs have been available on the market. Many people wonder how mineral cast differ from acrylic ones and whether they are a better alternative for them? The advantages of acrylic bathtubs include: their price, lightness, a large selection of shapes, sizes, and easy availability. Undoubtedly, their important advantage is also a smooth, warm surface, which is perfect for long, relaxing baths. Mineral casts also have a lot of advantages, thanks to which customers are more and more willing to replace acrylic products with them. It is certainly a perfect combination of modern technological solutions, good design and the strength of natural components.

Mineral conglomerates are specially selected natural stones, e.g. dolomite, marble or granite. The composition of mineral casts is the secret of each manufacturer, but one thing is certain: products made of this material are extremely durable, resistant to abrasion, chemicals and various types of damage. Manufacturers also make sure that products made of mineral casts are smooth, non-porous and pleasant to the touch. Their price can be higher than acrylic products, although a lot depends on the manufacturer, model, additional upgrades, etc.

So acrylic or cast? That is the question. One thing is certain though. A bath in a bathtub is not only the best form of relaxation and rest, but also allows us to create a real SPA for ourselves and our loved ones, i.e. the most appropriate place to relax for the soul and body.

Bathtub or shower?

Bathtub or shower for the SPA bathroom

The ideal solution is to have both a showering and a bathing area in your bathroom. Faced with the choice of a bathtub or a shower, there is no doubt that our bathing room turns into a real SPA, to which we want to go whenever we feel like it. Being in the privacy of your home, no one forbids you to take a glass of good wine and a small snack with you to the bath. Sparkling water with a slice of lemon, coffee or tea - is also a pleasant company. All these elements complement the relaxation during the bath and are very easy to purchase. The hardest thing in preparing a home bathing room is choosing the most important, best and most crucial element - the right bathtub. Fortunately, manufacturers of bathroom equipment have a very wide range, so we have the freedom to choose and its effect will be fully adapted to our needs and preferences.

If the choice between a bathtub and a shower enclosure is difficult to decide, due to the different preferences of all bathroom users, a rectangular bathtub with a bathtub screen is the perfect solution. The dimensions of the bathtub should be adapted to both the arrangement possibilities of the bathroom and the needs of bath enthusiasts. The bathtub screen allows you to create a shower zone in the bathtub. The Sanplast offer also includes a specially prepared bathtub with a shower zone - however, a space of 75x170 cm should be allocated for its installation. This bathtub has a separate deeper space for showering. However, any rectangular tub can become a dual-purpose bathing product. A wide selection of bathtub cabins allows you to match the appropriate shower enclosure to each bathtub from our offer.

Herbs as the best cosmetics

If you value natural care, during the bath you can use not only ready-made cosmetics from the store shelf, but also help yourself with methods known for centuries for firm and smooth skin. Do you bet on herbs? There are hundreds of combinations to enrich the bath and beautify the skin. For example: the popular chamomile has a strong soothing effect and is very gentle for irritated and dry skin, green tea adds energy and has an anti-aging effect, and rosemary has a relaxing and cleansing effect. How to make such a herbal bath? It is enough to prepare a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over the selected set of herbs, and then pour it into a bathtub filled with water. You can also add a few drops of essential oil, which thanks to its fragrance and health properties will affect your senses and make the bath an even more complete experience.

During the bathing pleasure in the bathtub, not only our body but also the mind rests. We gain new energy for life. And the original shape of the bathtub and properly selected accessories and additions in our bathroom will not only please the eye, but also complete the comfort of the bathing session.

Bring a calming mood to your bathroom

A space full of harmonious shapes is the place most conducive to mind-cleansing silence. Exclusive bathroom accessories with surfaces that are pleasant to the touch and beautifully reflecting light are certainly the perfect environment for arranging a home spa. Aroma plays an important role in achieving a state of relaxation. For a relaxing bath, use essential oils with warm, sensual scents. Jasmine, rose, lavender, ylang-ylang or sandalwood are scents with calming and relaxing properties. Clove oil is great for improving immunity. When preparing the bathroom for home spa treatments, take care of mood lighting. Natural wax or soy candles will be an excellent choice. Their warm, flickering glow will let your thoughts drift away and fully enjoy the benefits of resting in the bathtub.

SPA bathroom - inspirations and arrangements 

As we already know, the bathroom is a place where we rest and relax. It's worth arranging them so that they give you the opportunity to be alone with yourself. The feeling of intimacy and privacy is easy to achieve in a small bathroom space. In larger bathrooms, it is a good idea to use a wooden or textile screen that will separate the SPA part from the functional one. A blanket, rug or potted flower as well as a vase with flowers will add cosiness. The SPA bathroom is an interior where everything has its place and arranged so that nothing distracts users from the expected peace and rest.

OurSPA bathrooms arrangements

Long-term stress can take a toll on our immunity. Therefore, in order to catch some distance from the world, it is worth treating yourself to a little relaxation at home. And the best place for this is the bathroom, where we can, at least for a moment, cut off from negative stimuli, bad news and be alone with our thoughts. A relaxing, long bath is a great opportunity to calm down emotions. Let's improve our mood with home SPA treatments - put on a face mask, hair conditioner and exfoliate the body. Dimmed lights and a scented candle will help us relax. Plus your favorite music or an interesting audiobook.

The bathroom becomes our asylum. It allows us to relax, catch distance and gather strength. A long, relaxing bath in the bathtub or shower in the comfort of your home is a great way to get rid of stress. A private SPA is the perfect place to relieve stress in the comfort of your own home. Such rest after a long day of work will take on a new, much more pleasant dimension.

Inspirations Publish date: 31/03/2023

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