How to design your bathroom so that it becomes a real oasis of Pure Pleasure?

Knowledge base Publish date: 25/04/2022

How to design your bathroom so that it becomes a real oasis of Pure Pleasure?

How to design your bathroom so that it becomes a real oasis of Pure Pleasure?

The bathroom is the place where we start the day and where we can relax and find the necessary moments for ourselves. Even if the available space is small, it is worth preparing it to meet all our needs. However, the diversity of our ideas should be in line with the many technical possibilities available today. What is worth remembering and what to pay attention to?

In addition to a well-thought-out design, more and more often in our bathrooms there is also care that the time spent in it ensures our well-being.

The bathroom is one of the most important living spaces in our homes. That is why it is worth approaching planning with caution, seeking professional advice and, above all, taking your time. Important design assumptions - both for people from the industry and for the building owners themselves - are the analysis of the needs of future users and the full functionality of the bathing room. In the bathroom, we want to feel comfortable and spend time with pleasure, while feeling the beautiful arrangement of the interior around us. In this way, a close relationship is created between the products used in the project that meet all the assumptions, and the available surface and the finishing materials used.

Check out our tips, learn about the offer and create a room for yourself that primarily reflects: your and your loved ones' needs, individuality, personality, a sense of comfort and broadly understood beauty.

Our tips and advice 


In the past, many wet rooms were tiled all the way to the ceiling. Currently, tiles are often found only in wet areas of the bathroom - in the shower, by the toilet and around the bathtub and washbasin. The remaining surfaces of the walls can be painted with appropriate paint and even wallpaper. This allows the walls to breathe. Laying tiles on the entire surface of the floor and walls creates an airtight interior. They do not allow moisture exchange. Many of the materials available today take these aspects into account, which allows us to create an arrangement that will be not only functional, but full of colors and patterns that please our eyes.


Depending on the requirements and needs, our offer includes a wide range of bathing solutions. Our bathtubs are made of high-quality sanitary acrylic or mineral cast. The bathtub has been the standard equipment of almost every bathroom for years. A long bath in the bathtub has a relaxing and relaxing effect. There is no better way to calm down after a hard day than a soothing, warm bath. During the bathing pleasure, not only your body but also your mind rests in the bathtub. When deciding to buy a bathtub, you should consider not only the size that meets our expectations, but also an interesting shape. Sanplast's offer includes a wide selection of sizes suitable for smaller and larger bathrooms and shapes in line with the latest trends in bathing room furnishings. Many of them can be equipped with a hydromassage system to ensure even better relaxation.


The choice of a product for a shower area depends on the desired application, shape, material and space available. Wall solutions are more and more often recommended instead of the popular corner ones. In order to ensure that the shower cubicle and the paddling pool are adapted to the arrangement needs of almost any room, we offer many shapes and finishes of shower enclosures and shower trays - from the small ones in sizes 70x70cm up to 100x200cm, from white to black, and profiles in glossy or matt colors. One version or another - it should be easy to keep clean. The glass with the Glass Protect surface modification used in our shower enclosure ensures that water can run off easily and prevents any traces of sediments on the glass.


Many bathrooms are still dominated by white, possibly highlighted with colorful, patterned strips and complemented by wood-colored furniture. But it is worth remembering that a colored wall can create a very harmonious effect. However, it is important to limit the color of the room to a narrow spectrum of colors, i.e. to combine only a few matching color tones. In addition, the materials used should be tactile and help shape the atmosphere in the bathroom. The mood of a room can be captured very well thanks to the right combination of patterns of materials and colors used.


Glass and mirrors bring reflections into the room. A large mirror helps to visually enlarge the bathroom. If the mirrors are facing each other, remember that this creates an infinity effect.


The position and direction of the door opening determine the first impression in the room. If the door has an unfavorable direction of rotation, i.e. the room is opened in an unfavorable way, it may be important in everyday use. It is worth paying special attention to this fact when designing the interior.


Often there are questions about how much space is needed in front of individual objects in the bathroom. This demand varies greatly from person to person, depending on our physical conditions, fitness and even habits. There are many guidelines for the space between the bathtub or shower enclosure and the washbasin, the distance to the toilet and the installation height of the washbasin. However, these dimensions may also turn out to be inappropriate for the specific needs of the end user. Therefore, it is best to take the measurements yourself and check whether the received arrangement should be convenient and comfortable in everyday use.


Today's variety of luminaires and lighting technologies allows for various solutions: In addition to the luminaire on the mirror, it is worth considering the use of a modern ceiling luminaire, light rail or wall luminaire. It is important to consider not only the different levels of lighting, but also its quality, i.e. whether it is warm or cold, bright or darker, directly diffused or slightly dimmed. We should also remember that good illumination of the mirror is provided only when the light falls from the left and right side.


In many cases, the tiles are simply laid from one corner of the room to the other, without taking into account the connection of the sanitary facilities, i.e. their central axes; then, for example, the tiles are not in the center of the wash basin. It is better to agree it in advance and make sure that the plumber and tiler work together.

If we have the appropriate budget available, we can use the help of an interior designer who will take all our needs into account, select the appropriate products and help in their purchase, as well as take care of the final implementation of the project.

Regardless of whether we develop our interior ourselves or use the help of a specialist in this field, remember that the most important are the needs of those who will use the bathroom every day. Tastes are different, as well as needs - so let's think what we like, who will use the products, look for interesting solutions and create a space that will not only give us joy, but also make the time spent in the bathroom a Pure Pleasure every day!

Knowledge base Publish date: 25/04/2022