Inspirations Publish date: 01/07/2022

Lamella in the bathroom

Lamella in the bathroom

Following the interior design trends of recent seasons, it is impossible not to notice the tendency to introduce wood even into spaces that are more associated with tiles or tiles. Well-impregnated wood, protected against moisture, will be perfect for any bathroom, adding a sophisticated style, while referring to nature. And we are talking not only about countertops or furniture, but also decorative elements. Wooden slats in the bathroom can be installed in several ways - on the walls, ceiling or as a partition or as a light partition.

What exactly are the lamellas?

Lamele we wnętrzu

After the days of wood paneling, wallpapers and panels on the walls, visually impressive 3D decorations - blocks and lamellas are triumphant in modern interior arrangements. While the first ones work well mainly in spacious salons, the slats also impress with their versatility. They can be installed in absolutely any room - also in the bathroom. So what are lamellas?

Lamellae are a universal element of interior decoration, consisting of two main elements: a mounting strip and profiles. The most common are wooden lamellas, although there are also wood-like or aluminum ones. The lamellas allow you to optically enlarge the space and add depth to it.

The main advantages of lamellas (not only in the bathroom)

Summing up all the advantages of lamellas, it can be said that it is currently one of the best interior solutions. Here's what speaks for this thesis:

  • the lamellas are visually exceptionally effective;
  • price - lamellas are an inexpensive way to completely change the room;
  • ease and method of installation - mounting strips can be attached to walls or ceilings with screws or mounting glue - the second option excludes drilling in the walls and is extremely easy to install on your own;
  • versatility - slats will work well in a modern living room, an elegant office, and a bathroom - maintained in almost every possible style.
Lamele we wnętrzu

The advantage of lamellas that is worth mentioning is their wide application. You can cover the entire surface of walls and ceilings with them or choose only a fragmentary decoration. You can also build a light structure that acts as a partition wall, separating the kitchen from the dining room, a relaxation area from the rest of the apartment, or a bathing area from the rest of the bathroom space.

Modern solution for each bathroom - effective lamellas 

lamele w łazience

In the bathroom space, slats can be an ornament and a practical screen in one. They can also serve purely decorative functions, significantly increasing the aesthetic value of the interior. Owners of a small (or even extremely small) bathroom often say goodbye to the option of such an effective, yet multidimensional, i.e. space-taking decoration - completely wrong. The lamellas come in many thicknesses, and combined with the bright colors of the interior, they will visually enlarge them.

In larger bathrooms, lamellas can be used in more ways, for example as the aforementioned partition (e.g. at a free-standing bathtub). What is extremely important, this element of decoration, depending on the type and method of finishing, will fit into any arrangement - from classic, adding grace and warmth, to loft - introducing a breath of extravagant elegance.

When choosing lamellas for the bathroom, you should pay attention to the appropriate protection of the wood against moisture, which will translate into the durability of the decoration, which will please the eye even for many years.

Inspirations Publish date: 01/07/2022