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Quadrant or square shower enclosure?

Quadrant or square shower enclosure?

The bathroom must be functional, practical, comfortable and aesthetic at the same time. The arrangement of this room requires well-thought-out solutions in order to enjoy the appearance and functionality of the user for many years. There is an extensive range of offers on the market, which does not make it easier to choose the optimal bathroom equipment. Is a semi-circular shower enclosure always a bull's eye? What, apart from the appearance, distinguishes square shower enclosures and when should you choose these types of models? We advise!

Shower enclosure dizziness - quadrant or square?

The appearance of individual elements of equipment - shower enclosure, bathtub, washbasin, toilet or cabinets - and their coherent combination guarantee a tasteful, stylish and harmonious chic in the bathroom. The form of the equipment elements is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also functionality.

The eternal dilemma: bathtub or shower  enclosure already behind you? Do you introduce both of these elements to the bathroom, or do you have to decide on one of them? The advantages of shower enclosures are undoubtedly - starting with functionality (appreciated even by people with limited mobility), through the comfort of bathing, and ending with saving time, water and money. The magic of colors, fabrics and plants complete the perfect image of a room which, even without a bathtub, can look like an elegant bathing salon.

Both the semicircular shower enclosure and its competitors - square shower enclosures - have many advantages. The type of shower enclosure that works best in our bathroom depends, for example, on the conditions of the space itself.

Choosing a shower enclosure - where to start?

The key criterion for choosing bathroom equipment should be the space that we can develop. Not all models of bathroom equipment are suitable for small rooms, and vice versa. The equipment recommended for small interiors will not work in large, large bathrooms. Then we should decide where we want to place the shower enclosure. We also need to know whether we decide to have a shower tray or give it up. If we choose a shower enclosure with a shower tray, it is worth determining the material from which it is to be made. Once we know the answers to these questions ... We can focus on choosing the right shower enclosure. Suitable, that is, one that will meet our expectations, and also be comfortable, functional, durable, easy to maintain and aesthetic.

Which cabin to choose: semicircular or square? Square shower enclosures and the spectrum of their advantages

Prestige series square shower enclosure

Square shower enclosures have gained popularity recently. And no wonder, because they have many advantages. Their usability and size appeal to users. The variety of available dimensions allows you to adjust the cabin to the spatial possibilities of the room and individual needs.

Square shower enclosures have many advantages, here are the next ones:

  • they are perfect for large bathrooms - they look phenomenal in larger spaces;
  • they can also be afforded in a bathroom with a very small space!

  • versatility - depending on the construction, square shower cubicles can be mounted on one of the bathroom walls or in the corner of the room;

  • functionality and freedom of movement (it should be remembered here that the smallest of the models (70x70 cm) may not provide freedom to obese, elderly and disabled people);

  • a large selection of models - this type of shower enclosure will perfectly complement the undeveloped bathroom space. A huge selection of models, from classic to modern and even loft, will ensure the original, tasteful and original character of the room.


Or maybe the quadrant shower enclosure?

Sanplast quadrant shower enclosure

Until recently, the quadrant shower enclosure was the model most often chosen by users. Why? Because its undoubted advantage is the possibility of adjusting it even to the smallest rooms. The semicircular shape of the cabin will make the bathroom, even the smallest one, more spacious. Of course, the semicircular shower enclosure will also work great in larger rooms.

This type of shower enclosure is most often installed in the corner of the bathroom. The quadrant shower enclosure can be installed both on the right and on the left side of the room. Functionality and comfort are other advantages of the semicircular shower enclosures.

Bathroom renovation is usually not a frequent activity. Irrespective of its type, a shower enclosure is to be expected to operate for many years without any problems. Therefore, it is worth betting on reliable, high-quality products, such as those from the Sanplast offer.

Knowledge base Publish date: 22/08/2022

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