Inspirations Publish date: 16/02/2024

Small bathroom in grey - inspiration and arrangements

Small bathroom in grey - inspiration and arrangements

A small bathroom in shades of grey is an interior that will not only seem original, but also functional.

Small bathroom in grey - how to decorate it?

Small bathroom in grey - two ideas from Sanplast

Small bathrooms are primarily the norm in apartment blocks or hotel bathrooms. Planning it is not an easy task, but the right products can make it both comfortable and striking. The best solution for a functional layout will be the shower area. A shower enclosure with transparent glass does not make the space optically smaller - quite the opposite! A small bathroom can be trendy. Our range offers many solutions for small bathrooms in grey, but these deserve special attention. The classic Free Line II quadrant shower enclosure with swinging doors and a shower tray made of cast mineral is just as good an idea as the Freezone rectangular shower enclosure with sliding doors. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Thanks to Sanplast's wide range of products, we can tailor our bathroom design to our needs and available space.

Which bathroom accessories to the bathroom in grey? 

Bathroom accessories in grey can add an elegant and modern touch. Soft towels in a variety of textures accentuate the subtlety of this colour. Matte bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders or cosmetics containers give the room a modern feel. What is more, plants in neutral pots also go well with grey and add freshness and natural charm to the bathroom.

Small, grey bathroom – with which colours to combine?

Bathroom in grey and wood and green - inspiration from Sanplast

A small, grey bathroom is the perfect place to liven it up with additional colours. They can also give it a completely different feel. Below we suggest using some colours that will look good combined with grey:

  • white - the combination of grey and white always works well, especially in small bathrooms - white brightens up the space and optically enlarges it;
  • shades of blue - blue or a pastel version of blue harmonise perfectly with grey - this combination gives the bathroom a fresh and light feel;
  • green - creates the effect of a pleasant, natural environment, at the same time introducing calm and harmony;
  • yellow - the sunny hue of yellow or lime add energy and cheerfulness, yellow contrasts with grey to create a feeling of cosiness and warmth;
  • pinks - its pastel or powdery shades can create a soft, romantic mood;
  • browns - they add elegance and cosiness to the bathroom, creating a coherent and harmonious space.

Remember to strike a balance between different colours and avoid too intense contrasts in a small space. It is also a good idea to test your chosen colours on sample sections of walls or through colour swatches before making a decision, to make sure you get the desired effect. A small bathroom also takes on a grey look if you use grey accessories against one of the chosen colours.

Inspirations Publish date: 16/02/2024

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