Inspirations Publish date: 18/08/2022

Structural shower trays - a luxurious and safe idea for your bathroom

Structural shower trays - a luxurious and safe idea for your bathroom

All bathroom components should create a harmonious image. Starting with the selection of colors and ending with the texture of each piece of equipment. Fittings and bathroom accessories must harmonize with a space that is visually stunning.

Bathroom arrangements should be based on three values - functionality, which is the basis, comfort, so that we feel good regardless of the size of the space, and safety, so that every user can use it without restrictions. In order to fulfill the last value, our brand's structural shower trays from the Structure Mineral and Open Structure Mineral series come.

Structural shower trays, or how to increase the quality and safety in your bathroom?

Mineral cast for shower trays is the highest quality material of natural origin. The material is distinguished by high resistance and easy removal of all abrasions and scratches, deformations and possible damage. The material of mineral shower trays perfectly harmonizes with other elements, such as wall or floor tiles, creating an extremely aesthetic and luxurious, and at the same time very pleasant to the touch bathroom space. Additionally, the mineral cast shower tray is very easy to clean, has aseptic properties - it prevents fungi and mold from penetrating the structure of the shower tray - and is resistant to chemical substances. Mineral cast shower trays can have flat surfaces, as well as more and more popular, structural, inspired by nature. The most important feature of the latter is a slightly porous structure, which in itself provides non-slip, which increases the safety of using the shower area. Our offer includes two series of shower trays with structured surfaces:

Structural shower trays, or how to create a bathroom tailored to your needs?

What is the importance of the size of the bathroom? Huge for architects and designers, and almost negligible for structural mineral cast shower trays. Thanks to the plasticity of this material and a wide range of dimensions, you can easily adjust the shower tray to both small and much larger bathroom spaces.

In our portfolio you will find square, rectangular and semicircular structural shower trays in ready-made and most popular sizes: 80x80, 80x90 or 90x90, but also those up to 100x200 cm.

Structure Mineral shower tray cut for client needs

In addition, in the Structure Mineral series you will also find custom-made shower trays, which are a response to the demanding needs of everyone who is faced with the task of arranging a bathroom. Such individualisation allows you to create a structural shower tray, ideally suited not only to the shower, but also to the entire bathroom space.

Shower tray with stone inspired structure

The Open Stucture Mineral series has 55 dimensions, perfectly matching the market needs. Shower trays in this series do not have an edge, which allows for a harmonious combination of the shower area with the entire bathroom.

The shallow depth of only 1.5 cm and the low collar make it easy to install the shower tray at the floor line. This solution is much more convenient and visually enlarges the bathroom space. It is also a key convenience that allows you to easily and safely enter the shower.

Structural shower trays, or how to turn a small space into a luxurious interior?

The solutions available on the market allow you to choose products that perfectly match our needs. Among our proposals, you can find structural shower trays made of natural materials and tailored to your needs, as well as other parts of the fittings needed to arrange the bathroom according to your style. Nature and individual projects allow us to create a luxurious arrangement that does not have to cost a lot. All sanitary products we offer are of the highest quality, combined with an attractive price.

Arranging the bathroom as a functional space and at the same time stunning appearance is a real challenge. Combining so many elements into a harmonious whole does not have to be associated with many sacrifices, and creating a visually interesting and positively influencing space is the key to success.

Inspirations Publish date: 18/08/2022

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