Take care of yourself, be ECO, save water!

Knowledge base Publish date: 25/08/2021

Take care of yourself, be ECO, save water!

Take care of yourself, be ECO, save water!

Keeping hydrated every day is crucial. It affects our health and well-being. It should be remembered that all human activities have an impact on the environment in which we live. SANPLAST SA, apart from business goals, pays attention to the natural environment and creates products and solutions in such a way that the technology used is also favorable to nature.

WE OPERATE ECO. In its products, SANPLAST uses Glass Protect, which indirectly translates into ecology. It is a technology that makes the glass of the shower cubicle easier to clean. The system works by modifying the chemical and physical properties of the glass. The solution has been developed by the SANPLAST Research and Development Laboratory and has been subjected to numerous quality tests. Even a single change can affect both the user's wallet and the environment. SANPLAST tries to influence a better standard of everyday life. Remember to save water - be ECO involved.

Know and apply. Simple ways to reduce water consumption on summer days:


Choose a showering rather than a bathtubing. Even if you have to shower several times a day, REMEMBER the time spent in the shower. Use less foaming agents for bathing. They will help you and the environment;


Bet on Glass Protect technology;


For morning and evening care, make sure that the water is turned on only when necessary;


Make sure the batteries are tight. If necessary, do not hesitate and replace with new ones.

Well-being and a positive impact on the environment are just a step away. There are more and more products and devices that will help you in this. Choose to take care of yourself in summer, when your skin needs it the most. Hydration on hot days is a must. Remember to maintain internal and external balance. Take a water bottle when you leave the house. Drink water even when you don't feel thirsty. And most importantly, do everything consciously about future generations.

There are many ways to change your habits. Willingness and realizing the essence of this matter is the key first step towards a better TOMORROW.

Take care of the climate with SANPLAST.

Knowledge base Publish date: 25/08/2021