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Which bathtub is the best for a small bathroom?

Which bathtub is the best for a small bathroom?

Which bathtub for a small bathroom - this is a question that always arises when lovers of the pure pleasure of bathing plan to equip a space with limited space. In a small bathroom, a skilfully selected, compact bathtub can be a real center of a home SPA. Currently, small-size bathtubs are characterized by extraordinary comfort. In this case, small is not only beautiful, but also functional.  

A small bathroom with a bathtub - how to arrange it?

Wanna prostokątna Sanplast z parawanem w niewielkiej łazience

Small does not mean inconvenient. Owners of small areas can create a comfortable interior. Putting a bathtub in a small bathroom can be an interesting and beneficial solution. However, small interiors require a slightly different look at the selection of furniture, equipment and the entire arrangement of the room. In such a room, everything must be perfectly matched, because there is no room for unnecessary equipment. At the same time, having a small bathroom does not mean that you have to give up comfortable bathing in the bathtub and equipping it with products in line with the latest trends. Their arrangement is now much easier, because there are many products on the market dedicated to small bathrooms. A small bathroom requires a different way of arranging the interior. The designers of our company are well aware of this fact, which is why many bathtubs for installation in small bathrooms have been created with such rooms in mind. When choosing a bathtub for a small bathroom, you should take into account the needs of its users, its location and the available space to create a bathing place. The key issue is to choose the right size of the bathtub. These seemingly small products provide the optimal amount of space for a comfortable bath. Their secret lies in the proper profiling of the basin. The specially designed angle of inclination of the walls makes that even in small dimensions we can feel like in a real SPA. When arranging a bathroom, where a small bathtub is to be the center, we should focus on every detail so as not to overwhelm or clutter the surface.

Small bathtubs to the small bathroom 

Mała wanna Sanplast do małej łazienki

In the case of small areas, it is worth focusing on bathtubs with small dimensions, but ensuring the right amount of bathing space. Asymmetric bathtubs are the best because they take up less space. The seemingly small dimensions of asymmetric bathtubs provide as much space for bathing as those with classic shapes. The secret lies in the proper shaping of the interior of such a bathtub. For small bathrooms, rectangular bathtubs with appropriate dimensions are also a good solution. These can be installed along the width of the bathroom, leaving space for other equipment. Increasingly, specialists in the field of interior design, arranging a small bathroom, use free-standing bathtubs. A free-standing bathtub in a small bathroom must be small and placed against the wall, which gives spectacular visual effects.

Small bathtubs - dimensions

Mała wanna w niewielkiej łazience - Free Line idealnym pomysłem do małego wnętrza

When we think about a small bathtub, we wonder what dimensions of the bathtub are "in the game". The smallest bathtubs in our offer are small rectangular bathtubs with dimensions of 70x120 cm and 70x130 cm. Despite their small size, the inside space is adjusted to ensure maximum bathing comfort. It is no different in the case of asymmetric bathtubs offered in our brand, the size of which starts from 80x140cm. A small corner bathtub is perfect as a bathing place, and building it with a dedicated apron provides easy and quick access to the space under the bathtub, which is extremely important for all plumbing works. Let's not forget about the free-standing oval bathtub - Natur Mineral by our brand, whose dimensions of 70x160cm guarantee comfort during bathing and take up little space in a small bathroom. The most frequently chosen bathtubs for small bathrooms in a block of flats are usually rectangular versions 70x140 cm, asymmetric 80x140 cm and the above-mentioned free-standing versions.

What bathtub for a small bathroom? Shapes

A bathtub in a small bathroom should be primarily functional and at the same time aesthetic and practical. When deciding on the most appropriate shape, we must also consider its development and other available equipment. Compatibility of all elements of a small bathroom will make it even more comfortable.

Small oval bathtub for the bathroom

Wanna owalna wolnostojąca Natur Mineral w małej łazience w bloku

The oval freestanding bathtub has been associated with elegance and luxury for years. So far, it has been defined as an element dedicated to large and spacious interiors. However, nothing could be further from the truth, taking into account current trends and the possibility of choosing a bathtub for a smaller space. Oval bathtubs come in such wide dimensional palettes that choosing the best variant is extremely simple. The most popular ovals are the smallest possible. Oval shapes have something that makes us feel comfortable. Freestanding bathtubs are surrounded by an aura of real finesse - just look at them to wake up the soul of a romantic in us. There is no doubt that even a small bathroom equipped with a small free-standing bathtub takes on an atmosphere that cannot be achieved in any other way. The purchase of a bathtub of this type is a declaration of refined taste that is not influenced by temporary trends.

Rectangular bathtub in a small bathroom 

Wanna prostokątna Free Line z parawanem w małej łazience

The extremely wide range of rectangular bathtubs, as well as the possibility of adjusting them to the individual needs of each customer, makes us decide to use them more and more often when arranging a bathroom. No wonder, considering ergonomics, saving space, and lower water consumption during bathing, rectangular bathtubs often win over competitors with more sophisticated shapes. For this reason, they become an obvious choice for those of us who value comfort and functionality that go hand in hand with economy. Rectangular bathtubs – even the small ones, are the most varied offer in our brand. You can choose from several series, which allows you to find a product tailored to all needs and expectations. Both lovers of traditional bathroom design and fans of minimalist design will certainly not be disappointed. Rectangular small bathtubs for a small bathroom should be equipped with a bathtub screen, which increases the functionality of the bathtub with a shower zone. A bathtub with a shower in a small bathroom is a dream for many of us, and thanks to the wide range of Sanplast, it is possible to implement. Fitting a bathtub screen to a rectangular bathtub is extremely easy. Sanplast provides a choice of versions from 120cm up to 180cm wide. The double functionality of the bathtub is not only convenient, but also economical, which is very important for many of us.

Asymmetric corner bathtub for a small bathroom 

Wanna narożna asymetryczna Free Line w małej łazience

Asymmetric corner bathtub for a small bathroom Sanplast asymmetric bathtubs are available in both left and right versions, in sizes from 80x140 to 120x180 cm. Made of sanitary acrylic with non-slip properties, it guarantees the maintenance of optimal water temperature during the bath. Thanks to asymmetric bathtubs, we can arrange a small bathroom so that it is both comfortable and functional. Their small size, universal line and specially profiled basin make these bathtubs one of the best proposals on the market dedicated to small bathrooms. Bathing in them will become pure pleasure. The designers of our corner asymmetric bathtubs dedicated to small bathrooms wanted to give the bathroom the right character. Free Line bathtubs are characterized by small dimensions and modern design. Thanks to them, we can improve the appearance of the bathroom itself, but also make bathing in it a pure pleasure. Those who appreciate more classic lines probably choose the Comfort series, which has been popular among bathtub lovers for many years. Asymmetric bathtubs of this series are distinguished by a characteristic form with a seat. Their shape is rounded, soft and specially designed for maximum user comfort.

Acrylic, steel or conglomerate - which bathtub is the best?

Akrylowa wanna Free Line - doskonała izolacja termiczna i elegancki wygląd na lata

This is a question that future bathtub users are asking themselves more and more often. There are as many correct answers as the preferences of their target buyers. Each material has different properties. Acrylic is easily thermoformed, thanks to which it takes many shapes and embossing. It is a mass-dyed material, thanks to which any scratches can be easily removed by polishing. What's more, thanks to its physical properties, it perfectly retains heat. A steel bathtub has been considered synonymous with durability and stability for years. They are resistant to damage, but they can corrode. Mineral cast, increasingly used in the production of bathtubs, are extremely smooth and non-porous, which eliminates the growth of bacteria and fungi. In addition, there are materials resistant to stains and discoloration and extremely pleasant in contact with the skin. Whatever material we decide on, what is worth considering is primarily the quality of the bathtub made of the selected material. The purchase of a small bathtub is an investment for several, and sometimes a dozen or so years. Choosing the highest quality product is always the best option that we should consider.

A modern bathroom is very often a small interior. Choosing the right equipment is a big challenge, but the wide range of our brand's offer means that choosing a bathtub, a bathtub screen or a washbasin that is perfect for a small space may be easier than it seemed. A small bathroom with a small tub of our brand can be beautiful, practical, functional and stylish!


Inspirations Publish date: 27/03/2023

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