You have loved these SANPLAST bathtubs

Knowledge base Publish date: 21/04/2021

You have loved these SANPLAST bathtubs

You have loved these SANPLAST bathtubs

For decades, we have been helping to arrange bathrooms by dedicating products to them that should serve them well for years. This is also the case with our brand bathtubs, which are appreciated for their functionality, aesthetics and excellent price-quality ratio.

Our specialists know how important an individual approach is when choosing bathroom equipment. It is this decision that determines whether we will feel good and comfortable in the bathroom for the next few years. A bathtub is an equipment that is not changed every day, so it is important to choose one that suits our current and future needs, taking into account the possibilities and the size of the bathroom. Discover the most frequently chosen models of SANPLAST bathtubs.

Bathtubs have been appreciated over the years

It is these bathtubs that our customers have loved the most

Comfort asymmetric bathtubs

Bathtubs that turned out to be absolute bestsellers are bathtubs of various price ranges, as well as of various shapes and sizes, adapted to the size of the bathroom. The list is opened by the asymmetrical WAL / CO acrylic bathtub from the Comfort series, which is intended for relatively small bathrooms. Its corner form fits perfectly into the space, and the comfortable seat is perfect for homes with both the elderly and children.

AS and Free Line rectangular bathtubs

However, rectangular bathtubs are the definite sales leader among SANPLAST bathtubs. WP / AS is dedicated to small bathrooms, which, thanks to its compactness and excellent price-quality ratio, certainly serves us for years. Other rectangular bathtubs are models from the Free Line series, which, compared to AS bathtubs, are available in a much wider range of sizes. Customers can choose from several sizes from 70x120cm up to 80x180cm. The bathtubs are made of a sanitary acrylic that is pleasant to the touch and, as standard, are completed with a frame that facilitates assembly. Their minimalist style is perfect for any bathroom space. After all, there is nothing better than a hot bath at the end of the day.

Gessa bathtubs - a classic of modernity

The shape of the rectangular bathtub of the GESSA line is consistent with the first image that appears when we associate the word bathtub. No wonder it is one of the most popular models. What is certainly appreciated by many is its price and the fact that it will work perfectly in both modern and classic spaces. Its optimum depth of 42 cm and availability in four most popular sizes make it also perfect for smaller bathrooms.

We are all different and each of us arranges the bathroom in its own way. We know it best, therefore the offer of available bathtubs is not only, as in the above case, proven and loved by many models, but also slightly different versions. All this to meet every taste.

Knowledge base Publish date: 21/04/2021

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