The ability to choose an appropriate lighting program and a specific colour will allow us to achieve the desired effect. Depending on our health problems and the state of mind, we can help with the following colours: • Red colour - increases blood pressure, promotes blood circulation, adds energy.

Orange colour - optimizes mood, regulates the heart, regulates metabolism.
Yellow colour - supports the treatment of stomach ailments and certain skin diseases, facilitates concentration.
Green colour - calms and improves the mood, adds self-confidence, supports metabolism.
Blue colour - calms and calms, supports the treatment of rheumatism and throat diseases.
Indigo colour - relieves the symptoms of inflammation of the ears, nose, throat and lungs, supports the treatment of poisoning.
Purple colour- regulates the glands of the endocrine system, especially the pituitary gland, supports the construction of white blood cells, helpful in the treatment of lung, liver and kidney diseases.
• White color - a universal color that protects, brings peace and well-being, ensures purity of teaching and thought.

Different colours evoke specific reactions. They can stimulate, energize, ease, calm down and soothe. The chromotherapy option in our products is available both in bathtubs with hydromassage systems and in bathtubs without hydromassage.