Mixed whirlpool system MXC2

Standard equipment:

  • electronic steering
  • mixed massage (air and water)
  • 10 small air jets with peripheral outflow for body and legs massage
  • 12 water jets, therein:

- 6 water jets with water outflow direction regulation for body and legs massage
- 6 small water jets with water outflow direction regulation: 4 for back massage and 2 for feet massage feet massage

  • aeration of water system
  • "dry run" protection
  • air pump 700 W
  • water pump 700 W
  • underwater Power LED lighting
  • automatic drying of air ducts and jets
  • sygnalization of system activity

Available options:

  • chromotherapy
  • disinfection
  • air heating with ozoning
  • flow water heater 2000 W
  • filling the bathtub by jets
  • aromatherapy

The corner bathtub with hydromassage works great in bathrooms with a small size, but we also recommend modern oval, rectangular, asymmetrical, trapezoidal or symmetrical bathtubs that will work well in larger bathing salons. No matter how big your bathroom is, a bathtub with hydromassage is always a good solution.

List of available bathtubs with MXC2 whirlpool system