Mixed whirlpool system MXC4

Standard equipment:

  • remote control
  • electronic steering
  • control panel with LED display
  • mixed massage (air and water)
  • 18 water jets, therein:
  • - 10 water jets with water outflow direction regulation for body and legs massage
  • - 6 small water rotation jets for back massage
  • - 2 small water jets with water outflow direction regulation for feet massage
  • 18 air jets, therein:
  • - 16 small air jets with peripheral outflow for body and legs massage
  • - 2 small air jets with directed multipoints outflow for back massage
  • air massage regulation
  • wave effect by water jets
  • air zonal massage
  • pulsational massage from water jets
  • wave effect by air jets
  • aqua massage intensity regulation
  • water system aeration
  • Turbo - water system aeration from air pump
  • LED signalization of function activity
  • massage time programming in range 1-30 min.
  • dispaly of massage time left
  • "dry run" protection
  • thermometer - temperature readout
  • ozononing
  • air heating 300W
  • automatic drying of air and water ducts and jets
  • underwater Power LED lighting
  • air pump700 W
  • water pump 900 W
  • chromoteraphy
  • drain with suction

Available options:

  • disinfection
  • flow water heater 2000 W
  • filling the bathtub by jets
  • aromateraphy

Bathtub with hydromassage system is a real luxury that you can afford and an investment that you can not regret. Nothing relaxes after a long day of work or exhausting training like a water massage in the comfort of your own bathroom.

List of bathtubs available with MXC4 whirlpool system