Mixed whirlpool system MXFR

Standard equipment:

  • electronic steering
  • mixed massage (air and Water)
  • 14 water jets, therein:

- 8 medium flat water jets with water outflow direction regulation for body and legs massage
- 6 small water jets with water outflow direction regulation: 4 for back massage and 2 for feet massage

  • 12 air jets, therein:

- 10 small air jets with peripheral outflow for body and legs massage
- 2 small air jets with directed multipoints outflow for back massage

  • control panel with diode system
  • air massage intensity regulation
  • wave effect by air jets
  • pre-programmed massage cycle (20 min.)
  • the chosen function readiness signal (diode system)
  • water system aeration
  • "dry run" protection
  • automatic drying of air ducts and jets
  • underwater Power LED lighting
  • air pump 700 W
  • water pump 700 W
  • air heating 300W with ozonation

Available options:

  • chromoteraphy
  • disinfection
  • flow water heater 2000 W
  • filling the bathtub by jets
  • aromateraphy

Hydromassage is a natural therapy that relieves insomnia, chronic tiredness, general exhaustion, neurasthenia and vegetative neuroses. It allows you to maintain good form and youth for longer, benefiting not only the body, but also the mind, according to the saying that " a sound mind in a sound body."

List of available bathtubs with MXFR whirlpool system