Mixed whirlpool systems

Whirlpool systems advantages

Every day we are exposed to the impact of stress. The pace of modern life and the pursuit of material goods means that there is no time to relax and unwind. All this affects the increased muscle tone, including respiratory muscles. The tight chest makes our breathing shallow and irregular. Through reduced oxygen supply to the bloodstream, we feel dizziness, tingling in the hands and muscle stiffness. We become hyperactive, have trouble concentrating and suffer from insomnia. Due to the buoyancy and pressure of water and bath temperature, the whirlpool system works multilaterally on the body, reducing fatigue, improving mood and general well-being.

Mixed whirlpool systems (aqua and air together)

A combination of aqua and air massage is a great and universal solution. When using a mixed whirlpool system, we are subjected to the influence of lateral streams of water, enriched with the power of the air stream from the bottom of the bathtub. Air massage can be great fun for children, at the same time affecting a better and quieter sleep. For women, it is a home spa that improves the appearance and condition of the skin as well as the firmness of the whole body. Aqua massage brings relief after heavy physical effort, improves concentration, promotes the treatment of bone and circulation disorders. The combination of the aqua and air system allows to intensify the beneficial properties of hydrotherapy.