Shower enclosures

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Modern shower enclosures with shower trays are the ideal solution for each bathroom. Shower enclosures include in Sanplast offer satisfy needs each client.

Shower enclosure is the most popular chosen element to bathroom for many years. Functional and modern shower enclosure with a deep shower tray is a perfect solution, especially in case of a small space. Saving the space is not the only advantage, why it is worth to invest in the showering space. Pentagonal shower enclosure is more and more popular because allows for modern design implementation in the bathing room. In addition to the wide spectrum of functionality, the shower enclosure is still one of the solutions, which has a lot of funs.

Advantages of having the shower enclosure

As it is known, having the shower enclosure is not only the space saving or a design differentiation. Modern shower enclosures are easy to keep them in clean and are cheaper bathing solution. Saving the water is big advantage – espacially for people who wants to pay lower bills. High quality glass sheets with Glass Protect – glass surface modification which changes the physicochemical glass properties - are used in most of Sanplast shower enclosure. Thanks to Glass Protect, the shower enclosure is resistant to stains, as well as sediment left by water.

Shower enclosure from the Sanplast offer

Wide choice of products is one of the most distinctive advantage in the Sanplast offer. Shower enclosure with deep shower tray, rectantular, pentagonal, wall-type or four-wall one – this is only part of products what can be found in our portfolio. The final choice depends on needs, arrangement possibilities and the budget. Shower enclosure prices depend on each model, what are differented by equipment and size. All are made of highest quality materials. What is more, client can decide about final size of shower enclosure. Most of models can be adjusted to client needs by the realisation of individual order. In case of shower enclosures with shower tray – depth of shower tray can be chosen. As was mentioned, the choice depends on needs. Shower enclosure is the ideal solution for each person, who wants to have modern and functional bathroom. We recomend to read not only about our modern shower enclosure offer but also the bathtubs and other assorment.

Sanplast shower doors can be selected to each bathroom, regardless its size. We offer the opportunity to choose sliding, bi-fold, swinging doors, so that everyone can choose product adapted to the special needs of the bathroom. We know that shower door is not only a necessary piece of bathroom equipment, but also a fragment of arrangement so we offer the highest quality of shower door that looks stylish in every bathroom.

Bi-fold and sliding shower doors – the most popular solutions

Bi-fold and sliding shower doors available in Sanplast offer are the most popular proposals. Sliding doors are the best solution for smaller bathrooms. Bi-fold doors represent modern design, simplicity and minimalism. Both, bi-fold and sliding doors are stable and comfortable construction for each recess in the bathroom.
Bathtub screen

If it is wanted to connect both – showering and bathing functionality in one product, bathtub screen can be used. Modern bathtub with bathtub screen is the perferct solution for smaller and bigger bathrooms. Bathtub screen is good choice, when it is impossible to design for quick shower or bathing relaxing sessions.

Separatly category prezents accessories to the shower enclosures and spare parts.