Inspirations Publish date: 03/01/2024

Black and gold bathroom - inspirations

Black and gold bathroom - inspirations

The black and gold bathroom is a trend that is gaining more and more followers. The harmonious combination of black and the subtle gleam of gold creates an atmosphere that invites you to spend time in an interior designed using these colours. Gold accents are elements that give the space a unique character and exceptional elegance.

Black and gold bathroom - how to decorate it? 

A bathroom with gold accessories becomes a room where minimalist colours and sophisticated details work together to give the space an unusual expression. How do you create an arrangement in black and gold colours that becomes not only functional, but also delightful for every user? Here are some ideas on how to subtly combine black with gold:

  • Wall and floor finishes - The colour black can be used in a variety of ways - opt for black floor tiles, which, combined with white or gold walls, create a contrasting and elegant atmosphere;
  • Bathroom furnishings - white ceramics or furniture with simple, minimalist forms, in shades of white match perfectly with black and gold accents;
  • Opt for accessories - gold faucets, a mirror frame, an elegant black and gold soap dish or a container for bath or make-up accessories with gold elements - all of these brings a touch of luxury to your interior;
  • Lighting - ceiling lamps or wall lamps with gold accents add warmth and style, and if you appreciate unique forms, a designer lamp can be a functional as well as decorative element of the interior.
Gold accents in the bathroom

Accents to the black-gold bathroom

Additions and accessories in any interior create a unique atmosphere and warm up the entire arrangement. A good idea is to choose gold-coloured taps, cupboard handles or mirror frames. What is more, gold and black towels, rugs or bathrobes, as well as vases, frames or baskets for cosmetics, become a perfect complement to a black and gold bathroom. If we like to introduce an element of freshness and nature, it is advisable to place a few green potted plants, which blend in perfectly with the colour scheme.

Arrangement of black-gold bathroom 

Black and gold bathroom with Free Line bathtub and Free Line II shower enclosure

In this interior proposal, the balance between black and gold is paramount. Subtle additions of gold in the form of faucets and bathroom accessories add a luxurious finish. The white bathtub, toilet, washbasin and cabinet fronts harmonise the whole while brightening up the interior. A bathroom in this colour scheme is elegant, but also stylish and modern.

Products in the bathroom:

  • bathtub screen FREE LINE II series - type: PW1/FREEII
  • rectangular bathtub FREE LINE series with apron  - type: WP/FREE + OWP/FREE
  • countertop washbasin FREE MINERAL series - type: Unbo-M/FREE
Inspirations Publish date: 03/01/2024

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