Inspirations Publish date: 19/02/2024

Brown and white bathroom

Brown and white bathroom

A white and brown bathroom is an interior that evokes associations with nature. Brown is a colour that is very common, especially in the environment that surrounds us, which is why it often becomes an inspiration for architects and designers.

Bathroom décor plays a key role in creating a pleasant and functional space in our homes. If you want to create a harmonious interior that is reminiscent of nature, a bathroom in white and brown may be the ideal solution.

Brown comes in many shades - from light - beige to dark - a colour reminiscent of dark chocolate. It is a universal colour, so it is best combined with white. Thanks to this combination, we obtain an atmosphere of calmness, inviting us to rest after a long day of constant struggle with duties.

Brown and white bathroom with Space Line bathtub

Brown and white bathroom - how to decorate it? 

To furnish a white and brown bathroom is to create an interior that is harmonious and visually interesting. Here are some tips to consider for a white and brown bathroom:

  • Matching colours - white is a classic backdrop for brown accents, and it can form part of the walls or floors against which brown accessories play a central role;
  • Brown wall or floor tiles - opt for tiles, in brown tones - look for those with mosaic or wood imitation elements - different textures and natural elements make the bathroom feel warm and welcoming;
  • Get the bathroom furniture right - wooden finishes on cabinets or countertops make the bathroom a place where you feel comfortable;
  • Use accessories and accessories - choose accessories that match the brown tiles in colour;
  • Choose lighting with warm colours - this complements the colour scheme of the brown and white bathroom;
  • Keep plants in mind - potted plants are another reference to nature, which works well in combination with natural wood imitation elements.

Which accessories for a white and brown bathroom? 

Additions to a white and brown bathroom with Sanplast products

Every bathroom requires additional equipment beyond the bath, wash or toilet area. To make it fully practical, we cannot forget the accessories and additional equipment. White and brown towels, bathrobes, rugs, baskets or containers for toiletries should complement the interior, making it even more functional. Such matching details give coherence to the whole arrangement, and the white and brown interior will become a place where we will gladly relax after a long day.

Designing a white and brown bathroom

Basic Complete shower enclosure in white and brown bathroom

At first glance, the simple, geometric shapes of the shower enclosure, wash basin and furniture. Plus the classic colours of brown and white. It would seem that a bathroom equipped in this way cannot surprise you. But maybe?! After just a moment, our attention is drawn to the beautiful, patterned tiles on the floor. Although the pattern is monochromatic, the intricate, dynamic patterns are reminiscent of colourful Portuguese ceramic tiles. The wooden finish of the cabinets and the imitation beech boards, tiles on one of the walls, blend perfectly with the whole.

Remember to strike a balance between white and brown to create a cohesive and pleasing space. The optimal use of these colours allows you to create an elegant and relaxing bathroom.

Inspirations Publish date: 19/02/2024