Inspirations Publish date: 23/02/2024

White and navy blue bathroom

White and navy blue bathroom

The white and navy blue bathroom is an elegant colour combination that gives the room a modern look, but also adds character and depth. In the white and navy blue bathroom, we encounter a harmonious combination of classic white with a deep shade of navy blue - and this is undeniably - stunning!

A navy blue and white bathroom - how to decorate it?

A white bathtub against a background of grant tiles is the perfect combination

When decorating a white and navy blue bathroom, it is worth focusing on the balance between these colours. Large white tiles placed on the walls and floor will enlarge the space, while dark blue accents emphasise the unique character of the bathroom. You can use them to separate individual zones of the room, but also use details that should not only be practical but should become decorative for the interior. An interesting solution is to use navy blue in the colour of the furniture. Large under-counter cabinets provide storage that brings order to the room, while at the same time can be a decorative element for the washbasin area if given the right colour. Navy blue works well with light beige and grey, so if you want to use other colours as well, white should then be concentrated in the bathroom products - the washbasin, bathtub and toilet in white are options that work well in any design style.

What accessories for a white and navy bathroom?

Accessories for the white and navy bathroom

Accessories play a key role in adding character to any bathroom - including those in white and navy blue. Tiles in navy blue can be an addition, but also smaller bathroom items can be the navy accent to the interior. A functional bathroom includes beautiful towels, rugs and laundry baskets, as well as containers for cosmetics and jewellery, all in matching colours. Navy blue or white pieces work well in the overall interior if they have a contrasting background. We can also use potted plants in white or navy blue pots. They will add freshness and life to the bathroom.

Arranging a white and navy blue bathroom

Arrangement of a white and navy blue bathroom with Prestige shower enclosure

When arranging a white and navy blue bathroom, attention to detail is key. The white on the walls combined with the navy blue accents give the room an elegant feel. The mirror emphasises the depth of the space, while the lamps above the bath create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. Special attention should be paid to the cabin details and the chrome-coloured finishes, which make the overall arrangement look elegant and clean. The coherence of this interior makes us eager to take a bath and relax in it after a day of struggling with daily chores.

Inspirations Publish date: 23/02/2024